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Five Steps to Making a Disruptive Cover Letter

Cover letters are considered the trickiest part of a resume – the part where you have to sell yourself and your skills. The trend of ‘disruptive’ cover letters has taken off recently as a new way to guarantee your cover letter and resume are considered by prospective employers, and it’s not as hard as you […]

Want to be a good CEO? Look to Michelle Guthrie.

Let’s face it. We all love to look good. Even more so when it comes to impressing a hiring company.

You’ve got so much at stake. You’ve spent hours researching (or having Executive Agents do it for you); and invested a great deal of time and effort into getting to the interview stage. A big promotion awaits you, along with a boost to your earnings. You want this job more than ever.

Top mistakes people make on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just essential in the standard recruitment process. It is especially helpful when it comes ‘informal recruitment’, where hiring managers seek to cherry-pick people for their most critical and higher-paying roles. So, if you’re out to get the best possible jobs going, make your LinkedIn profile top-notch! Your Executive Agent is here to help […]