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World’s Worst CV’s

No wonder they didn’t get the job! Baffled employers share pictures of the WORST CVs they’ve received (and they’ll make you feel MUCH better about your own)

Signs your boss hates you

They might smile at you when expected and engage in small talk with you. But what if your boss has deep-down hatred for you? How do you really know your boss actually despises you?

Want to double your salary?

Traditionally job hopping has been looked upon as unfavourable but nowadays it is seen as far more acceptable.

Job hopping can open up a number of opportunities beyond just salary negotiations; it creates new openings to additional development and responsibilities.

The cost of looking good

Let’s face it. We all love to look good. Even more so when it comes to impressing a hiring company.

You’ve got so much at stake. You’ve spent hours researching (or having Executive Agents do it for you); and invested a great deal of time and effort into getting to the interview stage. A big promotion awaits you, along with a boost to your earnings. You want this job more than ever.

Why are men still earning more than women?

According to the OECD, an organisation representing rich countries, median wages for women working fulltime are only 85 per cent of that of men. In 2017, surely this should be overcome? What is holding women back?

Work fewer hours, sleep more

These are not words you’d expect to hear from the CEO of Australia’s fifth largest company.
But in his October interview with Qantas magazine, BHP chief executive Andrew Mackenzie has opened-up on the issue of overwork.

Conditions Set For Wage Growth

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is “thrilled” with predictions a lift in wages growth is on the cards after last week’s Deloitte Wage View showed latent strength in the domestic jobs market. Deloitte Economist Chris Richardson describes the strength as a “beautiful thing”.