LinkedIn isn’t just essential in the standard recruitment process. It is especially helpful when it comes ‘informal recruitment’, where hiring managers seek to cherry-pick people for their most critical and higher-paying roles.

So, if you’re out to get the best possible jobs going, make your LinkedIn profile top-notch!

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1. Wrong picture/ no picture /low quality picture

Humans are visual creatures, they love to see a face. Make sure your photo is immaculate, highly professional and of high resolution.

2. Using the Default Connection Request

LinkedIn is not Facebook. The connections made here should be meaningful. Use the wording of the connection request to create rapport with the request of the recipient.

3. Eliminating Past Jobs or Volunteer Work

Don’t leave gaps in your experience. Even if it’s a trivial high school job at McDonald’s, still show it.

4. Third-person writing

The writer of this article suggests that third-person writing is awkward, particularly when the medium is something inherently first-person such as LinkedIn.

5. Skipping the Summary

Whilst for most roles Executive Agents does not recommend putting a summary on your CV, we do suggest you make use of the feature on LinkedIn. There is much more space to add detail on LinkedIn relative to your CV.

6. Actively participating

Join interest groups, and participate. Get noticed on LinkedIn.

7. Neglecting the Privacy Settings

Did you know that you can prevent your current boss from seeing all the changes you’re making to your profile? Don’t let them know you’re actively looking to jump ship.

8. Lack of focus

LinkedIn profiles with a huge depth and breadth of qualifications are one symptom of the confusion pervasive among professionals with a tonne of training and education. This can send a mixed message to people reading your profile.

Start by reading your profile from a neutral reader’s perspective. What are your feelings about this person? Do you know with certainty what is being communicated to the public about you?

Then pick one area you want to focus on and clean up any non-related information such as listing a job, experience, or industry that has nothing to do with what you are trying to communicate.

9. Sound complicated?

Your Executive Agent can help you overhaul your profile and work with you to ensure that you’re projecting the best possible LinkedIn Profile to the world!