Looking forward to going back to work in 2018?

Are you hoping that this year will be the year that you get the big promotion that catapults your career to the next level?

Signs your boss hates you

They might smile at you when expected and engage in small talk with you. But what if your boss has deep-down hatred for you? How do you really know your boss actually despises you?

Why are men still earning more than women?

According to the OECD, an organisation representing rich countries, median wages for women working fulltime are only 85 per cent of that of men. In 2017, surely this should be overcome? What is holding women back?

Work fewer hours, sleep more

These are not words you’d expect to hear from the CEO of Australia’s fifth largest company.
But in his October interview with Qantas magazine, BHP chief executive Andrew Mackenzie has opened-up on the issue of overwork.