Why you should write a Failure Resume

Don’t dwell on how you felt when you received the news of a specific failure, only analyse and invent solutions to the reasons why you were perhaps ill-prepared. Some might find the process challenging; it’s easier to realise where and why you succeeded as opposed to where and why you failed.

The Future of the Resume

Future technologies will enable recruiters to determine behavioural signals from candidates that go as far as being able to identify their skills, passions, traits, and interests based on data. The assumption is that this data will provide recruiters with more detail on what drives a candidate, and thus make it easier to recruit specific talent for a specific role.

The History of the Resume

While it is not known who the first author of a resume was, we do know who was first credited with its use – the Italian artist and icon of the Renaissance – Leonardo da Vinci.

Do I Need My Address on My Resume?

When was the last time you recall sending someone a letter? Unless you enjoy stationery, I imagine it was quite some time ago, if ever. In today’s day and age, written correspondence by mail is highly uncommon, which begs the question: do you need your address on your resume?

The Top Eight Things That Shouldn’t be in your Covering Letter.

Whenever a job description lists that a covering letter is ‘optional,’ that means it’s really not optional for you. Not if you want to give yourself the best chance to impress the recruiting team and get your shot at an interview.

No Calls Back About Your Executive CV/Resume? Google Yourself!

Since the advent of the Internet and subsequently social media, our personal and professional lives are at risk of becoming totally intertwined. Not only that, the size of the web we have cast through our many online profiles is dizzying, leaving many of us unable to recall where and when we have shared our personal details. Whilst employers realise that their job candidates have separate social and professional lives, a simple Google search can undo your executive resume in a matter of minutes.

Should resumes have tag lines?

In an increasingly competitive job market, standing out in your resume is vital. And as the first point of contact for a recruiter or employer, some job-seekers embed a tag line before their professional summary to make an impression.

Stand Out with a Professionally Produced CV/Resume

The Australian job market is getting more and more competitive, leaving unemployed job seekers struggling to get a foothold in even entry-level positions.

How Long Should Your Cover / Covering Letter Be?

There are countless resources and templates out there regarding how to write, frame, and style your resume / CV – but the same can hardly be said for covering letters. While a vital part of the job-seeking process, it can be largely overlooked due to its ‘optional’ nature at times, depending on certain roles.